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new job

Nov. 3rd, 2007 | 09:38 am

so, i finally got a another job. i'm now the help desk assistant at the gardner. so i do computer shit instead of stare at walls and give service to undeserving midwesterners. regulaar hours, no more night shift. things are looking up. 

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old friends

Feb. 20th, 2007 | 11:38 am
Ringing in my ears: prresets

ali came up to visit this weekend, which was pretty great. i got to see meg prices new house and go for a car ride which was fab. i miss trees and car rides. she lives in concord, ma in a woodsy section with two divorced middle-aged ladies and their dogs. very bucolic. i accidentally drank some soap there and ate onion jam but had an otherwise nice time. the museum was a nightmare sunday, which was when ali went. all the supervisors were gone, so the place was being run by 22 year olds and understaffed to boot. and we had 1200 people. i picked up some shisha after work though, so we smoked that and ate chocolate, not a terrible end to a day. 

my parents keep calling me with asinine questions because they know i'm home and will answer.

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busy week

Feb. 12th, 2007 | 09:10 pm
location: in front of the mirror
Demeanor: sore sore
Ringing in my ears: talvin singh

the new special exhibit opened last week at the museum. and what a half-assed affair it is. we had a staff opening after work the night before it went public, and even our curator was like "uh...i..dunno what to say really. have some wine." 
    the exhibit is a bunch of old photos of this tanned young italian man, luigi ontani, dressed as jesus, and sometimes not dressed at all. this is a good example of his work(he's on the right). he also has a few choice sculptures, such as his head on a plate with a salami neck. it's pretty entertaining, mixed with gardner sculpture as some sort of compare and contrast. i got pretty drunk with a couple other gaurds at the opening; they expected nothing less from us. we who work downstairs were invited as an afterthought, i swear. some of the fourth floor people are so snobby. of course we're wearing hoodies ans jeans, we were at work until five minutes ago. the museum at night is a nice place to be drinking wine, however, particulary when we turn on the brothel lights. later that week i went to the chez-vous rollerdrome fundraiser, which was pretty fun; i can now turn around on roller skates, an act which before would ruin me. i got kidnapped by freya and anthony two nights ago and was taken to the paradise, where i was suddennly attacked by a crazy person and thrown to the floor after a few moments fighting a headlock. then they ran off. kind of weird. i am pretty sore, i think that may be why. i was incredibly hungover the next day and i had trouble getting back from allston, so i had to walk to work from copley in something like 15 minutes only to arrive and discover i was working the concert. taking tickets from rude and mischevious elderly. bah. 

 my pasta curtain is coming along well. tomorrow is my sunday, i think i shall spend it cooking.

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Jan. 31st, 2007 | 07:09 pm
location: mah bed
Demeanor: sick sick
Ringing in my ears: furnace blasting

well january kind of flew by. i don't really have a huge amount to show for it, either. work is okay. i got included on an inside joke the other day, so i'm either making friends or getting totally punked. i called my lawyer yesterday about a bill i had not paid, and managed to talk my way out of $300 of it. that was a nice coup. i've been pretty social lately which quite frankly is exhausting. i also have a cold. what else has happened? i visited lauren in the north end, then ate dinner there with parents back to back. not very notable, but eh. ali is possibly visiting in february which will nice, since i haven't seen her and her snappy new haircut. my health and dental coverage finally kicked in, so i can go forth confidently with the knowledge that i am once again under warranty. that's about it. oh, bonobo has a new album out, called "days to come." it sounds pretty good. i was happy that an old familiar artist finally came out with something new, because all i listen to these days are the boards of canada and occasionally nightwish, if i happen to be in the living room. i could use a change.

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Dec. 31st, 2006 | 10:02 am
location: 841 parker
Ringing in my ears: killer underground b-sides...of the rolf harris.

so new years is tonight, i guess. i'm hoping to sort of skip by it, since i'm working both today and tomorrow. in fact, i work all the time. seven days  week at the moment, though that will be going down once there are no more holidays to avoid. i got sentanced to aftercare by amethyst house, so i have to complete six counseling sessions to get my drivers lisence back, at my expense. this is ridiculous. 

moving on, i am doing pretty well otherwise. work keeps me busy, but it is taking its toll on my feet-ouch. it feels like the balls of my heels are being whacked at with a mallet; not hard, but just enough to sting, for and hours. needless to say i don't do much when i get home, so that's kind of a bummer but i hope that will change when i take a day off. i picked a doctor based upon a GIS search but the one i think i chose was, upon later inspection, not the same one as the image search. so who knows what i got. always use the "cache" option when picking a doctor to avoid such mistakes. 

anyway, i hope everyone has a nice new year, doing whatever it is you're all doing.

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Dec. 19th, 2006 | 08:44 pm
location: in pink
Demeanor: cheerful cheerful
Ringing in my ears: boards of canada being weird

first day at the gardner today. it went well, but it was awfully long. this will almost certainly be ameliorated by not having to work with the guy who trained me, a sweet old man named bill who is subconciously against cripples. it was like being trained by pope john paul II, moments before his death. that, and i'm sure i'll feel better when my uniform fits me. the pants....so...short. 

our second batch of beer was done today. it tastes like simple green mixed with a little bit of vodka. but it's not that bad. just like a regular beer with pine. 

i joined freya and nika and a couple other hws types in allston for trivia night, and won a hat, as part of our team prize. i guess kids in allston are pretty dumb, because five hammered hws burnouts kicked their asses. what else have i been up to? been hanging out in dorchester a bit, andy came along the last time. it's a bit weird, i know so many people down here i feel likee the city is just one, giant campus with clightly classier(or not...) dorms. and instead of campus security, we have police.

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epping is the center

Dec. 12th, 2006 | 01:19 pm
location: 841
Demeanor: lethargic lethargic
Ringing in my ears: boards of canada

so, my dwi school was this weekend. it was okay. actually, it was pretty bad, but when you're there you kind of externalize your ego, so time passes swiftly. i met a nurse from exeter called patricia who i hung out with for most of the weekend. i confess, i had kind of a mini crush on her--she's 46, but i thought she was in her early thirties. the rest of the group was pretty typical, but i liked everyone in my class. sleeping was simply awful; the sheets were made of aged polyester, so they were thin and hard, and it was very cold. the pillows were like washcloths, and the snoring(and sleep apnea) was endemic. andy, bring a pillow. and ample books. the library there is comprised of rehab books(reconciliation through prayer) and mr. hubbards dianetics. i found a madeline l'engle book i'd not read but it turns out those books for really for children, and i didn't enjoy it as much as i could have. 12 hours of class per day is pretty exhausting, particularly when the classes are like like reinventing the wheel. oh well. i'm back in boston now, i'm hoping the gardner will call me back soon because i'm completely broke. tylers building had a transformer explode in the basement, so he isn't working at the moment. i guess today is a good day to go christmas shopping, so i guess i'm going to do that.

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Nov. 27th, 2006 | 03:03 pm
Demeanor: good good
Ringing in my ears: summer '68

thanksgiving was nice, even though sarah and mollie were MIA. everyone came to our house. it was raining, but we had a fire anyway, which i had missed. i wasn't in NH very long though, as my parents dashed off to new jersey the next day and i needed a ride down to boston with them. i finally got a dresser, so i don't have to live with a mound any longer. unfortunatly some of the beer tyler and i were making exploded outside my doorless room(i wasn't there, thank goodness), and it sent glass shards everywhere--they ripped holes into the wall and got embedded, and were all over my desk, in my laundry, my bed, the floor, as well as all over the house. i can't beleive no one was injured. i'm still finding giant shards. yikes.

anyway, i guess i haven't been up to a whole lot, but i've been pretty busy with what i have been doing. i went to my interview at drunk school, which was an experience. i go in on dec. 8th, then come out that sunday. i owe pretty much everyone money, and i still am jobless, although the gardner museum is supposed to call me back, and i have a few other resumes which are floating around. i try to lay low so i don't go completely broke. i haven't really been in touch with anyone(with the exception of erin and mehrun, who i saw breifly), and i feel kind of bad about that. i was planning to write letters today, but now i'm plowing through jonathan strange, and i want to finish it first. i've been reading a lot, finally. it's nice.

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(no subject)

Nov. 8th, 2006 | 01:06 pm
location: 841 parker
Demeanor: cheerful cheerful
Ringing in my ears: balkan beat box-bulgarian chicks

well, i finally feel rested today. it took awhile. i went to ny to see ariel over the weekend on a whim, which was nice. she's going to africa, which i have little intrest in, but good for her for sticking to it, even though she's going to be a huge rash the whole time. i took fung wah down, which was fast and efficient and bad for my back. then i ate a lot, i think the highlight being an afghani place which was delicous and let us sit on the floor on pillows and throws. i was a little bummed i missed seeing beth and company, andy tells me it was a pretty sick time. i went to court on monday, which i guess was kind of fun, even though i got screwed. three months revocation and some hefty fines. i have a pretty dim view of the legal system at the moment, but i was bouyed by some familiar faces down there at the court--sean mcgann was in for drag racing, and kathryn auger was beeing defended by the same laywer i used. perhaps he will be more successful with her case, though she got nailed by the same trooper, so i rather doubt it. 

anyway, i got it all over with and now i'm back in boston and trying to run some errands. my grandmother just called me, ostensibly to talk about the great depression, and her fathers experiences with the muslims and the clean prostitutes they always travelled with. conversations with her are like really out there jazz peices, because they begin with some point, stray so far as to almost totally lose track, but then always relate back to the original point. which in this case was that i should start writing about sailing and help her choose a laptop, because i guess the dell people are making things more difficult than she was expecting. i hope i'm as cool as she is when i'm 84. i dunno what the equivilent of a laptop will be for me then, but i bet it will be totally insane and i'll have no clue how to use it. 

anyway, i'm going to get out of here and try to find shannon for lunch. and a post office.

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Mission Hill

Nov. 2nd, 2006 | 07:05 pm
location: a daze
Demeanor: lethargic lethargic
Ringing in my ears: bjm-geezers

Well, I moved in permanently to 841 Parker now. It was a nightmare getting out; my car dumped a bunch of fluid and I had to speed-assemble the motorcycle, which may or may not work. I was also hungover as fuck from bluegrass at the church. i wanted to go to one last one before being forced to abandon my hick lifestyle for a bit, so paul and i went. it was pretty crazy, three people just walked on out of the crowd to join the band, one banjo and one fiddle and one crazy guy who played the guitar. plus, they had a pbr and whiskey special. a pretty good halloween altogether. we closed things there and paul drove me home, but then lost his shoe in one of the feilds we visited. it was a very new hampshire night. so now i'm down here, pretty much comfortable. i slept until 11 today, yikes. tyler and i started the beer, which looks promising, provided we didn't contaminate it. one of tyler and my scottish great aunts died, whhich is a little sad. but she was 85 and died in her sleep, so i guess she did it right. 

Oh! and while i was at the grocery store the other night, Gabriel, of newport rhode island bar fame, called me up. seems he's been sleeping out on the beach the last few nights, and decided to go through his phone on account it was sunny, finally. he was so drunk i had trouble understanding him, but we had a pretty long conversation about going fishing and how to make sure to stay happy. he was also considering getting a motel room, but i guess they're expensive, and it was supposed to actually be warm that night. he says he'll call me again when he gets paid(i guess he uses a trac phone). so that's what's up.

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